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General terms and conditions

Operator, author and copyright holder:

Bolgár Máté Dániel EV. HUNGARY, 1095 BUDAPEST 9 ker. MESTER UTCA 38. MF em. 1 door

Tax number: 69208153143

Bank name: OTP Bank

Bank account number: 11773102-00143752

Please check here and read the terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree with any of our terms or have a comment, indicate it, otherwise we will consider that you agree with the terms and conditions, it is here accepts what is written.

I. Basic provisions

  1. For questions not regulated in this document, as well as for the interpretation of these Regulations, the Hungarian language is used law the governing body, in particular Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code ("Civil Code") and electronic commercial services, services related to the information society are some CVIII of 2001 on questions (Elker. tv.) Act and between the consumer and the business 45/2014 on the detailed rules of contracts. (II. 26.) to the relevant provisions of Government Decree. THE the mandatory provisions of the relevant legislation apply to the parties without special stipulations.
  2. These terms and conditions are effective from July 26, 2022 and will remain in effect until revoked. THE The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify the General Terms and Conditions.
  3. The service provider reserves all rights to the website, any of its details, and on it appearing contents, as well as the distribution of the website. It is forbidden to appear on the website downloading, electronic storage, processing and sale of contents or any part thereof the Without the written consent of the service provider.

II. Service description

  1. By purchasing the software provided by the Service Provider, the customers, hereinafter referred to as Members, a after purchase, they can access the full version of the application.
  2. In the full version of the application, the logo is removed, premium support and installation service are included at will, and data traffic corresponding to the specified quota is ensured.
  3. Data traffic quotas are as follows:
    1. Lite: 200 views
    2. Basic: 5000 views
    3. Pro: 50000 views
    4. Enterprise: 5000000 views
  4. The data traffic is reset on the first day of each month.

III. Subject of the contract

  1. Based on this contract, the Member instructs the Service Provider to, within the framework of the Service, on the website make available advertised software. The subject of the contract is, on the one hand, the Service via, functionality available at the time of conclusion of the contract, as well as updates and new functionality made later by the Service Provider.
  2. For these offersrelevant contract between the Contracting Parties with reference to it, a "Pay annually" is created by pressing a button, at the price according to the data sheet. 
  3. The Service can only be ordered online and is available on the online interface. For download, to save there is no way to request on any data medium and this is prohibited by these Regulations.
  4. The service is available for 1 year from the date of purchase. After this period, the service can be extended by ordering a new package.
  5. When the data traffic quota is used at 80%, 90% and 100%, the Member will receive an information email.
  6. In the case of 100% use of the data traffic quota, the CodeStepper client program does not provide users with any more data, only when a new package is purchased.

IV. Creation of the contract, payment of fees

  1. The contract between the parties "Pay annually" comes into force by clicking the button, to which the contract concluded between absentees (45/2014. (II. 26.) Government Decree) rules apply. The Customer acknowledges and accepts it by pressing the button the the General Terms and Conditions described here, at the same time declares that the given by him data they are complete and real, their capacity to act and their capacity to enter into contracts are not restricted.
  2. In the case of false data provided during purchase/registration or data that can be linked to another person, the resulting electronic contract is void. The Service Provider excludes its responsibility if the Member is acting on behalf of another person person use its services with your data. For data provided incorrectly and/or inaccurately by the Member The Service Provider is not responsible for any billing or other problems or errors that can be traced back to it charged. 
  3. By accepting this Agreement, the Member expressly agrees that the Service Provider is contractual begin performance immediately after concluding the contract.
  4. This is subject to payment of the Service fee, which includes filling out the application form and After pressing the button labeled "Pay annually", that is OTP SIMPLEPAY through your system take place, in the form of a bank card payment. The exact order fee is always determined by the customer is included in the order form on page. 
  5. The purchased software includes:
    • Access to the "CodeStepper Editor" editing interface on the website and
    • For the embeddable application of "CodeStepper".
  6. The Service Provider reserves the right to reject the received registration without giving reasons.

V. Order process

  1. After registering, the visitor can start on the "Upgrade plan" page by filling out an order form. By filling out the form and paying, you are a registered user with your account you automatically get access to the software.

VII. Right of withdrawal

  1. The Member who is considered a consumer, within 14 calendar days after the conclusion of the contract, with immediate effect, may terminate the contract for the provision of the Service without reason. Withdrawal is rightly so can live the Consumer to indicate his intention by email to You need to enter the registered e-mail address.
  2. If the account is in the name of a legal entity, the Member is not considered a consumerfor him.

VIII. Rights and obligations of the Service Provider

  1. The Service Provider undertakes that the software service it advertises is provides applicants with the highest quality it can provide.
  2. Any questions that may arise are answered within a maximum of 1 week.
  3. The Service Provider is also entitled to offer certain discounts only to customers specified by him, or customer groups, and is not obliged to provide information on these discounts on its website to stretch.
  4. The Service Provider reserves the right to set the current service fees and prices Define. Please always check the website for current prices and fees. All service, the rate indicated on the day of the order is applicable.
  5. The Service Provider fulfills its invoicing obligation related to its services with an electronic invoice, or the If requested by a member, it will be provided with a receipt. After receiving the payment, we will send it to the specified email address from the system! The invoice is provided with an electronic signature and time stamp, so it complies the to the legal requirements contained in the VAT Act and other regulations.

IX. Rights and obligations of the Member

  1. The Member or the participant named by him is entitled to use the purchased software and is entitled to a to use the described services.
  2. The Member is entitled to embed the CodeStepper application in his own websites.

X. Copyright

  1. The Member undertakes to use the information received as software with the object of cooperation it is not used in an unrelated manner. The creator of the software is Máté Dániel EV Bolgár rights, their use requires the prior written consent of the authors in all cases required.

XI. Technical rights of the website owner

  1. We reserve the right to modify or revise the website at any time we may limit or terminate its availability. We draw the attention of the T. Website visitor browser that the continuity or error-free access to the website is not guaranteed by a Service provider.
  2. Due to the unusable state of the website or improper operation, deficiencies, possible for direct or indirect pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage resulting from malfunctions or misunderstandings, or other loss is expressly excluded. To settle the dispute in the event of a claim for damages prior and peaceful consultation is required, at the headquarters or premises of the website operator, legal in the presence of a representative. They are entitled only after signing the minutes taken at this meeting the parties to go to court.
  3. In the event of major maintenance, the Service Provider shall notify Members in advance of min. Notifies you with 24 hours, but the external for service provider reasons, e.g. Tárhely assumes no responsibility for malfunctions, but will do its best to a maintains continuity of access.

XII. Complaint handling

  1. The aim of the Service Provider is to provide the service in a suitable quality, with the full satisfaction of the Member fulfill. If the Member has any complaints about the contract or its performance you can also make your complaint over the phone or by e-mail. About these communication channels introduction you can find information on the page.
  2. We inform you that if your complaint is rejected, your complaint will be handled by an official or conciliation body you can initiate your procedure at the following contact details:

    National Consumer Protection Authority Address: 1088 Budapest, József krt. 6.

    Mailing address: 1428 Budapest, PF: 20.

    Central telephone number: +36 1 459 4800


    Pest County Conciliation Board

    Address: 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61. 2nd em. 240.

    Telephone number: (1)-269-0703

    Email address:

  3. Cross-border consumers related to online sales or online service contracts in the event of a legal dispute, the procedure is exclusively handled by the conciliator working at the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry competent body.

XIII. Data management

Pursuant to the current legislation on accounting, the billing address provided by the customer and the account data is stored for the period specified in the decree, 8 years. More on that In Privacy Policy the guidelines are busy.

June 26. 2022